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Our Service

At hspace we believe in the transformative power of de-cluttering and re-organising so that you can reclaim your personal space. In the home, or at work, we provide the motivation and expertise to re-evaluate the things that matter, and help our clients discover the emotional, physical and financial benefits of living a life less cluttered.

We cover East & West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire but are always happy to travel anywhere to sort out a decluttering emergency!



Helen Clutton


"It's no exaggeration to say that Helen has changed the way I feel about my home.  I used to be overwhelmed by it but now I absolutely LOVE it!"  

F, East Sussex.

With a career in the law, and a busy family to look after, I often felt as though I was only just  managing to stay on top of things.


I realised that there was simply too much 'stuff' in our lives. Something that should have been straightforward like getting the kids ready for school, tidying the house or choosing an outfit for work, took far too long. Something had to give!


Through a process of de-cluttering the family home, I was able to streamline and re-organise our space. I soon noticed that this simple process had a very positive impact on the whole family and helped me to  feel refreshed and calm.


Before long, I was helping friends and family sort their homes and small offices. I then went on to devise  an organising system, that can be applied to any home or small business.


You will find me to be an understanding, non-judgemental and empathetic advisor.  With simple suggestions and solutions, I will gently guide you away from the chaos and stress of living a cluttered life.


Gilly Crossley     

Gilly has an innate talent for organising, developed during her career in PR and Marketing.  Gilly is a problem-solver with many local contacts.  If we at hspace don’t know the answer, Gilly will invariably be able to find someone who does.  She is energetic, courteous and caring and always produces great results for her clients.

Helen Jewell

is a freelance textile artist and stylist, who worked in the fashion industry for many years. She graduated with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design and went on to become a senior designer for Marks & Spencer.  She is very creative and full of great style ideas and tips. 


at Home

  • Hspace can help you de-clutter and simplify your wardrobe, so you will be able to get ready faster and maintain a collection of clothes that you love and will actually wear.

  • Streamline your kitchen so that it works for you and your family's needs. Small adjustments can have a big impact on this hive of activity.

  • If you are overwhelmed by the chaos caused by your youngsters, you are not alone. We can show you how children can learn simple new systems to help them stay tidy.  We love working with teenagers too!

  • De-clutter and sort any part of your house. With our system in place, and with very little effort, your home will remain shipshape.





Say goodbye to being frazzled and confused.


Helen loves paperwork and filing, having devised an easy system that can be applied to any small office or household.


If you are overwhelmed by your cluttered desk or by piles of paperwork in the kitchen, Helen can help you establish surprisingly simple and straightforward

systems to manage your space.


Never miss paying a bill or sending out an invoice again.  



Wardrobe Audit

Our stylist, Helen Jewell, will help identify which of your clothes and accessories suit you the best, and which you should re-cycle.

She will then advise you about new ways of putting together outfits from your existing wardrobe.
Helen will also make recommendations about any items she thinks you are missing to complete a versatile capsule wardrobe.
The Wardrobe Audit can be tailored to deal with specific areas, such as work, leisure or holiday wear.


Personal Shopping

We offer a personal shopping service in Brighton for men and women. This might be after a wardrobe audit with Helen or perhaps you simply need help finding a one-off item.
Following an initial consultation, Helen will do some research, and then set a date to take you shopping. You will benefit from her professional opinion and advice throughout the trying-on process. This is by far and away the most relaxing and productive way to shop.



And more...

Hspace can help with many eventualities, including:

  • Clearing and sorting following bereavements.

  • Help with downsizing.

  • Young Children & Teenage bedrooms.

  • Getting ready to move.

  • Preparing nurseries for new arrivals.

  • Organising spaces for co-habiting and blended families.

  • Packing tips for frequent travellers


Helen and team are experienced, efficient professionals, who will guide you and provide practical help and advice, whatever your circumstances.



Testimonials  *

"Thank you so very much to you and Gilly for your amazing work and help. Everything is finally in the right place and it seems so much easier to get things done. A huge weight has been lifted. Thank you for your sensitive approach, you and Gilly are so efficient, yet supportive and kind at the same time." D, Hove.

"Thank you so much for transforming my wardrobe.  It's amazing.  It was such a breeze to get dressed today.  I could clearly see my clothes.  I love it!"  IP, West Sussex.


"I can't tell you how much I love my new kitchen. A miracle happened. It just feels sooo good to have order."

Ursula, Weybridge.

"Thanks so much for helping me sort out my wardrobe.  It was so easy to find things the next day!"  Matilda, aged 13.

"Packing for my cruise is now so much simpler. I can actually see what is in the wardrobe. Joy." L, East Sussex.

"Helen is calm and reassuring and explained how she could create a sense of order.  She measured the wardrobe space and purchased all of the boxes and hangers required. No strain for me at all!  I now have a sense of order in my space and the process was a really pleasurable and insightful experience.  I recommend Helen and her amazing service." Simon, Hove.


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Every service contract incudes a confidentiality clause, so you can be reassured that we will act with complete discretion.