Kitchen & Utility Room


The kitchen tends to be a hive of activity and should be full of positive energy.  Many houses have combined living, dining and kitchen areas, which can be wonderfully sociable and bustling.  The drawback though, is that mess can spread across the different zones, and clutter hotspots emerge (keys, unopened mail, abandoned schoolbags, surfaces never properly cleared).  Drawers and cupboards are stuffed full and you haven't seen the back of the fridge or food cupboards for ages.

  • Logical space management and effective zoning is vital.  We start by having a thorough declutter.  After this, we set you up with a simple system to deal with paperwork, shopping lists, family diary, keys, shoes etc.​


  • Small adjustments will have a big impact. Adopting our system will make a dramatic difference, reducing your stress levels and bringing lots of lovely positive energy into the home.


Children's Bedrooms,

Playrooms & Clutter


Children's clutter can spread across every room in the house.  Peak times, such as getting out of the door for school or a match, are particularly stressful. You can't find complete toys or games.  Organising PE kits and school bags leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frazzled


We can work with you to restore order and bring about a sense of calm. 

  • We can teach you and your children simple new systems and tricks to help maintain order. 

  • The children will feel as though they have more toys and games after we have decluttered.

  •  Stress will be reduced at peak times.

  • You won't dread coming home to face the mess at the end of the day.



Teenagers value their own independence and space which means that they tend to spend a lot of time in their room.  It is important that they are in an organised space where they feel safe and happy.  Energy levels are increased if we surround ourselves with things we love.  The opposite is also true if we live in chaos and clutter


  • We work alongside teenagers to help them with a complete declutter.  

  •  Once they see their room completely free of clutter and experience the sense of lightness and relief, they become more selective about what they want  to keep.

  • Throughout the process,  we set them up with systems to help them manage practical matters such as dealing with laundry, diaries etc.

Moving or Downsizing


Preparation is the key here.   Start decluttering as far ahead of the move as you can. This way you can do a little at a time.  It will also help you on an emotional level.  Don’t underestimate how poignant decluttering can be. The memories bubble up as we clear, which can slow the process down significantly.  It is important to give yourself time to work through the memories and emotions, in particular following a bereavement.

We can:

  • Help you declutter the whole house or just a single room.

  • Arrange auctioneers and house clearance.

  • Pack and label boxes.

  • Oversee the move on moving day.

  • Unpack and set you up in your new home.