Wardrobe Edit

Most of us have far more clothes than we will ever need. We tend to wear the same things over and over again and more than half of our clothes just don't get worn at all.  (If you can't quite believe it, try this for 3 months - every time you wear a garment, turn the hanger round when you hang it back in your wardrobe.  After 3 months, you will see a pattern emerging, which is that we tend to wear the same 20-30% of our clothes).  Many theories abound as to why this is, but whatever the reason, it is very frustrating.   We just feel as though we have nothing to wear even when there's so much to choose from!

The joy of a wardrobe edit is that we will help you streamline your wardrobe by helping you re-evaluate every single item.  The result is that you will feel uplifted and light, knowing that you love everything that you have decided to keep and that it all fits you perfectly. Some kind of strange magic happens at the end of the process, as you will feel as though you have more things to wear than before, even though you now have far less!

Wardrobe edits make fantastic gifts (vouchers available) for men and women.  None of my clients have ever regretted detoxing their wardrobes and have never missed anything that was culled.  We take all of your unwanted items away there and then, so that you don't have to lift a finger.  All of your retained clothes will be hung and folded, so that your wardrobe will be a joy to behold and you will look and feel fantastic.    

Call Helen on 07939 278923 for more information.  


"Helen is calm and reassuring and explained how she could create a sense of order.  She measured the wardrobe space and purchased all of the boxes and hangers required. No strain for me at all!  I now have a sense of order in my space and the process was a really pleasurable and insightful experience.  I recommend Helen and her amazing service." Simon, Hove.

Wardrobe Audit

Our stylist, Helen Jewell, will help identify which of your clothes and accessories suit you the best, and which you should re-cycle.

She will then advise you about new ways of putting together outfits from your existing wardrobe.
Helen will also make recommendations about any items she thinks you are missing to complete a versatile capsule wardrobe.
The Wardrobe Audit can be tailored to deal with specific areas, such as work, leisure or holiday wear.

"Packing for my cruise is now so much simpler. I can actually see what is in the wardrobe. Joy!" L, East Sussex.

Personal Shopping

We offer a personal shopping service in Brighton for men and women. This might be after a wardrobe audit with Helen or perhaps you simply need help finding a one-off item.
Following an initial consultation, Helen will do some research, and then set a date to take you shopping. You will benefit from her professional opinion and advice throughout the trying-on process. This is by far and away the most relaxing and productive way to shop.