Stopping Shopping for 12 months

October 5, 2017



A couple of  weeks ago, I decided to count the number of clothes that I own. I spend my time helping people declutter and organise their spaces, so I thought I'd check my own clutter gauge to see how I was doing. 


Here's the result:



Tops 127 (Shirts, T-shirts, Cardigans, Sweatshirts and Jumpers)

Trousers 10 (I HATE buying trousers)

Dresses 29 (Oh my, I do love dresses)

Skirts 10

Jackets 6

Coats 8

Boots, shoes, bags, etc, etc,  You get the picture.  


These clothes cover summer and winter, smart, dressy, casual and sport and I can honestly say that I love them all.  Prior to reducing them to these numbers, I had been thinking that I should practice what I preach to my clients by checking to make sure that the dreaded clutter creep wasn't infecting my wardrobe.  I carried out a quick declutter but realised that, in order to get the most out of my remaining clothes, I needed a fresh eye to help me work out some different outfit combinations.  


 First stop, a visit from hspace stylist Helen Jewell, who audited my wardrobe.  Helen will be blogging about wardrobe audits in more detail soon, but essentially she goes through your wardrobe and helps you think about outfit combinations that you may not have thought of before.  She also suggested gently that some of items that didn't suit me so well should go onto the recycle pile.  One of her great skills is identifying different ways to wear your clothes and helping you think about colour and combinations.  It was a fantastic experience!


Once I had discovered all these new outfits (that I had owned all along without realising!) and  had had a good tidy up, I decided that I really wanted to get the most out of the clothes that I owned.  It struck me that every time I was buying something new, something a little older gets forgotten, which is not only a shame but wasteful too.  This is when I decided to challenge myself by Stopping Shopping for 12 months - hence counting my clothes. It will be quite a tough challenge I think, but a worthwhile and interesting one nevertheless.   I'm sure that it will help me to really value what I own, it will save me money and will keep the clutter at bay. I started the challenge on 20th September and will continue until 19th September 2018. Stopping Shopping for a full 12 months.


If you're interested to hear how I get on, keep an eye on the website.  I'll be blogging about this from time to time to 


I'd love to hear from anyone else who has tried Stopping Shopping or is going to give it a go.


If you would like Helen Jewell to come and carry out a wardrobe Audit in your home or you would like me to come and help you declutter and reorganise your clothes, please call:

07939 27893.












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