Create an organised 'Landing Strip'

October 16, 2017




We all do it - you get home, you're holding the baby, or a wet dog on the lead, bags of shopping or your laptop bag etc.  You pick the post up from the floor, fling it on the first convenient surface you come across, together with your keys, loose change and so on.  Shoes, sports bags, school bags etc. are left on the floor, coat onto a convenient chair and off you go into your home to get on with things.  This trail of clutter is known as the 'Landing Strip'.  It's just one of those things that we all have, and it's always going to be there because it's a habit and it's convenient. 


There's no fighting it and so the only thing to do is to get on with organising your Landing Strip.  Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.  If your keys actually belong in the landing strip, then you will find it no effort to put them away, and in the process, reduce the clutter in your home.


An organised Landing Strip is easy to achieve with just a few small adjustments.  You don't have to stop there though, you can go all out and install built-in cupboards, shelves and hooks if you have the means and the space.  But for the time being - let's keep it simple.



Coats, shoes and bags need a home near the most used door.  Don't overload the cupboard or hooks - keep it uncluttered.


Post - OK, this is my own personal bug-bear.  I hate receiving junkmail.  A waste of trees for starters, and often left all over the floors in a pile.  We suggest that you put a small recycle box by the door and just throw the junk mail in there.  When it's


full, chuck it in the large recyle bin ready for the council collection.  All the post you need to read, could be placed into an 'Action' tray near the door, so you know it needs looking at, when you have time. (Don't forget about it.  Also, once it's read, recycle or archive). 





Loose change - just a small change dish or a pretty plate will suffice.  If it fills up, perhaps throw it all in a piggy bank.





Keys, place a key box or a plate/bowl near the door but safely out of sight and reach, should a stranger decide to peer through the letter box.



The main thing is that the landing strip flows in such a way as to accommodate your habit such as keys first, then post, then shoes.


Oh, how lovely and organised.  You'll never lose your keys again - but don't forget to  go back and deal with that post in the Action tray.







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