Are you Good to Go?

October 23, 2017




 Who here can't face going through their 'stuff'' and sorting it out?  All of those things in your wardrobe, under your bed, in the attic, in boxes in the garage, in your basement and (worst of all) in one of those big yellow storage spaces that cost a fortune to rent.  The boxes that we haven't even unpacked from our last move, the clothes that we never wear, the toys the kids no longer play with, stuff our late relatives left us, the offices crammed with papers and unopened post, presents we don't like but feel too guilty to discard, kitchens heaving with inherited china that never sees daylight, expensive things we never use.  We've all got this stuff. It clutters up our heads, our homes our hearts.  It's heavy  It weighs us down.


So why, if  you can't face going through it, leave it to someone else to sort through after you've passed on?  Your relatives or friends, will at some point have to face going through all of your stuff.  They may start off thinking fond thoughts of you, but after the 10th box?  Probably not so much.


I am a practical person.  I know my time will come so, in the back of my mind, I do think about  how to prevent my nearest and dearest from having to sift through my clutter after I've gone.  I have three lovely chaps in my life who would have to take on this clearing task, should anything happen to me.  If they don't do it - no one will.  So I'm all for lightening their load and sorting it all out myself.    


Of course, there's always going to be some clearing to do after one of us pops off, but we can help prevent it being an unnecessarily arduous chore for our loved ones.  


At hspace we advise our clients (of all ages) to get sorted and remain sorted, so you can enjoy the benefits of living a clutter-free life and your loved ones can manage your affairs and your belongings easily after your death.  Help to lighten the burden.  Here's a few tips:



The most important things to do, before anything else, is to make a Will. Find a solicitor through the law society.  They're all listed, so there will be one near you. ( 




Then make a decision about organ donation.(  If you decide  that you want to be a donor, make sure you register and tell your loved ones your wishes. 



After that it's time to get down to some serious decluttering.  It may feel like an enormous task, but don't be alarmed, just break it down into bite-size chunks.  Make sure you're in the right frame of mind and well prepared - buy some bin bags or hire a skip even, if you're opting for the full attack.  Start with something small, like one drawer, and take it from there.  Work fast and enjoy the wonderful relief of feeling lighter and the satisfaction of knowing that you are an angel, before you've even popped off.


Need some help?  hspace love decluttering and organising.  Contact Helen on 07939 278923 or 








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