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October 31, 2017






hspace is all about the Kitchen this week.  It is generally a very busy hub, that has to deal with a lot of 'traffic' and a variety of activities.  Most importantly of all, it has to be clean, efficient and very user-friendly.  



Take a good look at your kitchen.  Open all the cupboards and drawers and really scrutinise it.  No matter what size your kitchen is, it has to be the most practical and efficient space in the home, therefore the way you lay it out must make sense.  Why would you, for example, keep the kettle on one side of the kitchen and the tea bags on the other side.  Surely it would be convenient to keep them together.  So, keep this sort of thing in mind when you are having a good, long look.  Now you can start planning your Zones.  Here's some examples:



Pots, pans, utensils, spices, oil etc.



Knives, mixing bowls, blender, chopping board etc.



Dishwasher tabs, floor cleaner, sponges, bin bags, surface cleaner etc



Year planner, pens, letters in/action tray, chargers, address book etc



Food storage such as cupboards, fridge, drawer, pantry etc.


At hspace we recently refreshed a messy cupboard with an identity problem, turning it into a dedicated Hot Drinks Zone, which includes the kettle, tea spoons, coffee machine, lots of different teas, coffee pots, sugar, tea pots, milk frother and of course, biscuits.  Now, you don't even have to move from the spot to make your desired hot drink.




But, as with all de-cluttering, remember that everything will have to come out.  Declutter and clear as you go along, until the only things you have to put back, are the stuff you love or need.  Nothing else!


Clean everything.


Plan Zones.


Put back everything you have kept, only this time, put them in their correct Zone.


A good clear out, a few extra storage boxes and some labels turned this fridge horror into a fridge delight:



This clutter drawer finally got sorted - once and for all:

 At hspace we love a good sort out, and boy, do we know how to do it.   Call 07939 278923 to book a free 30 minute consultation.  





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