Are you in need of a Hero?

November 1, 2017




 There's nothing better than a natural, cheap product, that keeps on giving and never lets you down.  This kitchen hero has loads of uses such as capturing odours, cleaning ovens, rinsing veggies, cleaning eager young artists' crayon scribbles off the wall - and then, when you've done all that, you can moisten it in a dough or batter,  so that a chemical reaction takes place which produces carbon dioxide gas and hey presto, your baking inflates!  What is this amazing product - well, actually, it's just good old fashioned, simple Baking Powder.  


Now I know that I may look pretty ladylike and sweet-smelling, but let me tell you that when I

 was training hard for a sponsored walk this summer (on behalf of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, my poor trainers got so  smelly, that there were mutterings of complaint from my family.  My trainers spent their life outside the back door, and I had decided that I would probably have to trash them after the event.  Until I heard about the miracles of Baking Powder that is - just a tablespoon of Baking Powder into a couple of trainer socks, tie the ends off and there you have it, the best odour eaters ever.  My trainers have been restored to the cupboard and I have saved a fortune.


Here are just a few ways in which Baking Powder can come to your aid so you can cut down on expensive, toxic chemical products:


- Sprinkle some at the bottom of your bin to fight smelly odours.


- Clear a blocked drain.  Pour down 125g of Baking Powder, followed by 125ml of vinegar.  Cover with a wet cloth as there will be a volcano effect.  Wait 5-10 minutes and then flush with hot water.


- Scrub surfaces with a damp sponge and Baking Powder.  Rinse, dry and they will gleam.  This also fights mildew and makes stainless steel sparkle.


- Add 200g of Baking Powder to a washing load.  It helps brighten whites AND colours.


- Boost your washing up liquid when cleaning baked-on food by adding a teaspoon or two of Baking Powder. 


- Uh oh -smelly fridge?  Leave a small pot of Baking Powder open in the fridge to absorb odours.  


- Add a tiny amount to your toothpaste once a week, to help remove stains from your pearly whites.


Baking Powder -we salute you!







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