Stack, Store and Label

November 3, 2017




 We've been all over kitchens at hspace this week.  We have sifted through the Sell By Dates, organised our Zones, sorted our Landing Strip and cleaned everything thoroughly with our favourite kitchen hero, the Baking Powder.  What a buzz.  Yes, we love to declutter and yes, we love to clear, but eventually we get to that moment when we start putting things away and that's when we get to Stack, Store and Label, three of the sweetest words in a professional organiser's vocabulary.



I love these gorgeous GoStak stacking towers that Blender Bottle produce.  They are great

 when preparing packed lunches as you can mix and match your storage - perhaps a small jar for some almonds, and a slightly larger one for some grapes.  Then twist and lock them together and you have a neat stack that fits easily into a back pack or lunch box.  You can get everything ready in advance and store them in your cupboard or fridge until you need them.  You can use them in so many ways, such as for stacking and storing dried herbs and spices.  Great if you only have limited kitchen space as you can stack as high as you want.  You can colour-code them too, depending for example on what's in them or who they are for.  The possibilities are endless.


The GoStack range is available from Amazon.  Click here.



When it comes to storage containers, you can't, in my opinion, do much better than Lock&Lock.  They come in all shapes and sizes, which is great, but for me, the best thing of all is that they are absolutely watertight.  So, if you have some left over gravy which you want to store in a very packed fridge, you needn't worry about simply standing the container on its' side. Or maybe you want to take soup to work.  Stick it in your bag without any fear of leakage and microwave it when you're ready (remember to remove the lid first though.) Stackable, microwavable, airtight, watertight and extremely durable - nothing else comes close. 


 A huge range of Lock&Lock is available from Amazon.  Click here.




Anyone who knows me will know that I love to Label.  Oh my - just try stopping me once I've started.  It's very addictive.  Everyone who sees my Label Maker always wants to have a go.  Because it's fun.  And it is also an organiser's dream.  Take a look at the Lock&Lock photos. above.  See how nicely they are labelled, showing what's in the container and the date it expires.  Use labels to keep the fridge organised, or to label jars of different teas or coffee etc. Beware though, once you start, it's hard to stop.  If your kids have their names labelled on their foreheads, you've probably gone too far!  My label machine is the Dymo S0946320 Label Manager 160.  It is easy to use (if I can use it, then ...) and replacing the cartridges is very straightforward.  Go forth and label!


The Dymo S0946320 Label Manager 160 is available from Amazon.  Click here.









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