Now it's organised, keep it that way

November 15, 2017


Now that you've got your kitchen organised, how are you going to keep it in order?  At hspace, we advise our clients that once they have had a good purge, to keep an eye out and remain on red alert for the dreaded Clutter Creep!  If something doesn't have an allocated place to live, check if it passes the Love It/Need It test, and find it one.  Otherwise  it's classified as Clutter and is going to have to go.  Be strong.  Be firm.  Be decisive.  Beware of Clutter Creep. 






Do a few stretches, take some deep breaths and then whizz round the kitchen with a bag throwing everything into it that you consider to be rubbish or surplus to requirements.    Work fast, trusting your instincts  - it feels great.  Don't forget to look in cupboards, checking sell by dates.  Look in the fridge, look at your Landing Strip - has everything been dealt with?  Is there any junk mail lying there?  Yes?  Bag it and then Bin/Recycle it!  Any unopened mail?  Action it.  Work fast and you will feel like a decisive, organising genius.





Toss what??  Toss 10 items a week.  Something to aim for and easy to achieve.  This is a good weekly habit to get into.  You can toss more if you wish (but never less than the target).






Now, this is the habit of a true declutter convert.  This sort of behaviour merits a halo.  As soon as you see the clutter, you get rid of it.  It really helps if you have a declutter bin permanently in place near the kitchen.  Just clear as you go.  It couldn't be easier.






Once you get into the habit of putting things away and continuously purging clutter, you will find it becomes second nature and helps you to stay in control of your surroundings.  It is a great feeling, because getting rid of the clutter means you can focus on the things that really matter, which in turn promotes peace of mind.   Here's a couple of pictures I posted recently,  of a client's kitchen following a de-clutter just to show you how satisfying the results of decluttering can be.  Go For It!!












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