Happy New Clear

January 27, 2018


 I love this time of year.  Wet, windy, freezing, dark.  Fantastic!  Just the excuse we need for us to turn our attention to what's going on inside our homes and have a good clear out.


This week I popped over to Sally Bunkham's house to help her declutter and reorganise her wardrobe.  Sally is the CEO of a business called Mum's Back (https://mumsback.com/), which provides luxury gift hampers for new mums, focussing on the delicious stuff not allowed in pregnancy. £1 from every hamper goes to PANDAS Foundation (http://www.pandasfoundation.org.uk/) to help with their important work supporting families going through perinatal mental health issues.


Sally is an incredibly busy person.  She has two young daughters and a business to run, so she understandably hadn't got round to dealing with her clothes clutter for a while.  However, once we got started she was off!  A natural declutterer, Sally purged like a professional and before I knew it, we had the remainder of her hanging clothes neatly arranged by colour, light to dark, on velvet hangers (to buy from Amazon, click here) in her lovely fitted wardrobe.  


I hardly had time to stand back and admire our work, when Sally was asking me to teach her to fold neatly with one of my most favourite organising items ever, the Brabantia Folding Laundry Board (to buy on Amazon, click here.)  She whipped through the folding like only a truly busy person on a mission can.  In a matter of minutes, the scrunched up pile was turned into a beautifully folded stack. Oh the joy!  I think that Sally has been hiding her natural decluttering talents under a slightly dishevelled bushel.  But not for long - I'll bet my beloved Brabantia Folding Laundry Board that the declutterer in Sally has been awakened and that soon she will be decluttering and reorganising the rest of the house.  After all, it's going to be wet, windy, freezing and dark throughout February, so go for it Sally.  


The final word goes to Sally: "Helen, just to say thank you SOOOO MUCH for yesterday. It was SO AMAZING. I've LOVED getting dressed recently, it's fabulous ... I am loving the bedroom space and getting dressed in the morning. I put all my clothes away this evening and folded them properly you'll be pleased to know!"


Here are my top 6 tips for a thorough wardrobe declutter:


1. Make sure you've set aside a whole morning or afternoon without being disturbed.  Don't get distracted.  


2. Get all of your clothes out of the wardrobe and the drawers and sort them into categories - Shirts, trousers, dresses, jumpers, shoes, bags, etc.  Only then can you see how many items of each category you own and you can really start to purge.


3. Sort into YES, NO, MAYBE.  The no's need to go in a bag immediately.  You can come back to the maybe's at the end.  Put the yes' to one side for now until everything has been sorted.  At the end, revisit the MAYBE's and sort into YES and NO's.


4. Think logically about how you arrange the items you want to keep - I suggest that you bundle together in a drawer the items that you are going to use together, such as sports kit e.g. running leggings with running tops, sports socks, running shorts etc. 


5. Use velvet hangers only.  They take up far less space and nothing slips off.  Only 1 item per hanger.  It's the law! 


6. Try folding your t-shirts and storing them vertically.  You can see at a glance then, the top that you are looking for.


































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