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January 31, 2018






 I noticed on the hspace facebook page, that there has been rather a lot of interest in something I posted last Monday.  ( 


All it was, was a couple of photographs of a drawer.  One 'before' and one 'after'.  The drawer contains the same items in both pictures, but one is in a complete mess, and one is organised.  These are the pictures:


The Post is called 'Everything in 1 is in 2, just nicely sorted - the hspace way.'


I wanted to mention this post, as it is a very useful illustration of the fact that you do not need to buy drawer dividers, or special boxes to organise your spaces, whether it is a simple drawer or a whole room.


Have a look around and see what you have to hand - Shoe boxes, biscuit tins, gift boxes etc., most of us have something we can recycle to use in a different and useful capacity.


Here's another example of a quick tidy in one of my client's kitchen drawers.   In these pictures, a few things were moved to a more logical place, and other items were introduced.  But in order to organise them, we just looked around and used what was to hand in order to divide the drawer.



When my client and I transitioned this cupboard (below) into a wardrobe the other day, we used the plastic boxes that the client already owned, but decluttered them so that the lids would fit.  We then used one of her handbags to store smaller handbags.



So don't let the fact that you haven't been out an bought a whole set of fancy matching storage boxes stop you organising your space, instead, just look around and use your imagination -You will be decluttering and organising in no time!  



Quick Tips:


1. You don't need more than 10 tea towels.  Fold them and store them vertically.



2. You don't need more than 5 plastic bags.  Fold them and store them vertically too.


3. Underwear - go through your socks and pull out the ones that you wish to keep, rather than looking for the ones that can go.  Discard/recycle the rest.  You don't need more than 10 pairs of every day socks.  The same with knickers/boxers and vests.  Max 10 of each should do it. 


Keep sports socks with your sports wear.      


If you're a real organisational nerd, you can fold and store your socks vertically too, but that may be asking a bit too much!













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