Can they give you something for that?

January 31, 2018




I don't know what it is about my Brighton clients just lately, but boy, are they a dynamic lot. 

 Take my client Emma Lewis-Griffiths the other day.  The energy she applied to her wardrobe declutter was reminiscent of that bit in Ghostbusters when the wacky scientists cross the proton beams shooting from their Particle Throwers.  Egon Spengler (my favourite - he looks like my husband) noted "It would be bad." Well Egon, let me tell you that there was nothing bad happening at Emma's  house that day.  It was all good.   Boy was she busy.  This is what happens when a tiny ray of sunshine appears across a grey Brighton January sky - it brings out the declutterer in us.


Emma works out of The Social Club in Brighton, which is a collective of communications experts that help brands tell their story – mostly focused on local food businesses, but also working with lifestyle brands too. (  She had just the wardrobe you would imagine, full of fun, varied and interesting colours, prints and fabrics. She also loves the outdoors, so there were heaps of fresh air clothes, which we decided to gather together and keep in a box along with her boots, walking socks and Kagoul.


Emma said she was at a point where she was ready to reduce the number of clothes she had, so as with all of my wardrobe declutters, we started by removing everything from the wardrobe and drawers and sorted it into categories.


Once everything is sorted into categories, you get a very clear idea of just how many items of one type you have.  Emma understood the concept immediately and was pretty ruthless at getting rid of 3 of the 4 black long sleeve T-shirts she owned (after all, you can only wear one at a time).  Once she started, she was on a roll, decluttering and recycling, moving stuff out of her room, bringing stuff in, so it all made sense between her room and the spare room.  One minute she was in the attic, the next she was learning to fold on the best ever gadget, the Brabantia Folding Form - to purchase from Amazon, click here.



After 4 short hours, we stood back grinning with great satisfaction to admire the folded tops in the drawers, the new wardrobe space we had created from a cupboard (which had previously been stuffed with a whole variety of unknown stuff), and her original wardrobe, which now housed her lovely dresses, skirts, jeans and leggings.  All the hanging clothes were on the uniform black, non-slip velvet hangers (only 1 item per hanger - EVER). Everything on view, within easy reach and given the chance to show off its' loveliness.  I was thrilled for Emma.  When I left though, she was showing no signs of slowing down.


When I got home, I received a text from Emma, saying that she had carried on decluttering the house.  She had been to the dump, charity shop with more stuff (I had already taken all the clothes!), B&Q, put a sofa bed together and put new latches on the new found wardrobe.  She was in the middle of sorting drawers in the spare room and thought that she may just end up working through the night.


And that's when it dawned on me - Oh Emma, I think you've caught the decluttering bug.  Do you know if they can give you something for that??


Wardobe before:




Wardrobe After:


Cupboard before:



Cupboard after:





Bottom of the stairs:
















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